Shield PRO

PPE Full Face Mask

Designed for Health Care Workers working in high-exposure environments and who have access to professional viral filters.

The Shield is a re-purposed snorkelling Full Face Mask (FFM) that has been modified to serve as an alternative form of protection when traditional equipment is not available.

  • Tempered Glass main lens - better optical clarity, better anti-scratch properties and better anti-fog properties.

  • Soft silicone skirt - provides a good face seal and is comfortable to wear and easy to clean & disinfect.

  • Adjustable Silicone Straps - non-absorbent, easier to clean & disinfect.

  • True ONE-DIRECTION Airflow - lower CO2 & Fogging.

    • This is not the case with many other FFM conversions which still allow exhaled air to vent at the snorkel connection.

  • Optimised Air Flow;

    • Large bore exhalation Port & Valve fitted – reduces work of breathing.

    • Side ‘snorkel’ exhale channels have been disabled to force all exhaled air out of the bottom exhaust valve – reduces CO2 and fogging.

    • Now defunct ‘snorkel’ exhaust port is rerouted for larger bore inhalation channel above the lens – easier breathing and less fogging.

*In diving use, the snorkel has one-way valves in the head which prevent rebreathing of air in the exhaust channels, once the snorkel is removed for medical use, however, the one-way valves are no longer in place and the exhaust channels become bi-directional. This makes rebreathing possible, potentially leading to increased CO2 and fogging. For this reason, we disable the side exhaust channels.

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Proudly made in South Africa.

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