PPE Half Face Mask

The SOLA Nautilus is a high-quality, re-usable Face Mask designed for the Public / Civilian as an alternative to poor-fitting, disposable surgical masks or makeshift items such as scarves, buffs and homemade fabric filters.

The intention is to provide protection while also freeing up medical N95 masks for frontline medical staff.


  • Comfortable, durable & re-usable.

  • Easy to clean & disinfect (dishwasher safe).

  • 4 colour options; Black, Blue, Turquoise & Pink.

  • Filters inhaled & exhaled air - protects the wearer and those around them.

  • 3 points of protection;

    • Excellent face seal prevents inhalation/exhalation of unfiltered air.

    • Moisture droplet separator - Centrifugal Particle Separator technology helps prevent moisture droplets from passing into wearer’s respiratory tract.

    • Textile filter - secondary process of filtration through the filter pad (see options below) which can be replaced on a daily basis. 

    • Note: This filter is not certified at this stage

  • Affordable to buy and also uses inexpensive filter refill replacements. Use either;

    • Official SOLA Filter pads made from Breathetex 140-P.

    • Cotton wool pads​.

    • Discs cut from suitable household fabrics (small, washable & reusable).

  • FDA Approved Injection Moulded T.P.E. (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Oral-Nasal Skirt.​​

  • Bulk Packs available for Commercial Heavy-Duty or Clinical Health Care Environments. Please contact us for further information.

Note: This is NOT a medically certified device. This is an alternative solution to other non-medically certified devices in a time of great need.

Download the SOLA Nautilus Information Sheet.

Reg. Design A2020/00510

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Proudly made in South Africa.

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