PPE HALF Face Mask

Our second generation high-quality, re-usable PPE Half Face Mask offering improved comfort, breathability and protection.

Ultimate protection for Medical, Commercial and Personal use.

  • Fluid-Form™ Face Seal

    • Soft medical grade TPE skirt.

    • Lower nose profile for better seal.

    • Glasses don't fog up.

  • Two colour options and Two size options

    • Black Skirt, Black cover or Grey Skirt, White cover.

    • Small/Medium or Large/X-Large size.

  • Choose between two different Filters depending on your requirements:
    • INEX RFT Nanofiber Filters - Awaiting FMP2 Certification
      • 99.9% Viral Filtration Efficacy.*

      • 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Efficacy.*

      • Filters +94% of 0.3 micron particles.*

      • Passes liquid barrier / synthetic blood penetration tests.*

      • Ideal for high-risk environments.

      • 75mm Filter Pad is secured and sealed primarily through Radial means (trapped Radially between Cover & Case).

    • SOLA Breathetex-140P
      • Ultimate ease-of-breathing.

      • Ideal for active environments.

      • Approved for Covid-19 use by a leading University:

      • Filters +75% of 1 micron particles.

      • 64mm Filter Pad is secured and sealed through Axial means (between Cover and Filter Ring).

  • Snap-Fit Cover with ergonomic Finger Tab for added security.

  • Secure Lock Straps

    • Easily Removable.

    • 2-Part Strap Buckle with sliding mechanism.

    • Available as Single or Double strap configuration.

      • Single strap is recommended for superior comfort and convenience.

  • Larger Filter area & Breathing orifice

    • Almost 2X the filter surface area means better Filtration Efficacy.

    • Easier, smoother & quieter breathing.

    • More audible speech.

    • Less Condensation



* As tested by Nelson Laboratories, USA

Download the SOLA Guardian Information Sheet.

Reg. Design F2020/01149